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Intercedent professionals express their views in a variety of regular proprietary reports, trade journals, position papers and special reports.

Management Intelligence


Asian Issues Management (AIM) Papers are produced by IMA Asia based on presentations by guest speakers and discussions at regular peer group briefings through the year and quarterly Asia Forecast Update briefings.

Past papers include:

1) Building 100-year durable growth in Asia

2) Riding Asia’s household income wave

3) Competing on intangibles in Asia

The challenge of smart growth in Asia

4) Targeting high-growth opportunities in China

Position Papers

Intercedent Asia is a leading provider of Position Papers, also known as Thought Leadership Papers or White Papers. These are often commissioned as turnkey assignments. Often the client wishes to explore a particular business issue, the aim being to:

(a) demonstrate ‘thought leadership’ to a particular audience (usually existing or prospective clients), and/or

(b) review a specific policy and/or commercial issue with a view to informing policymakers and/or business leaders.

Please see our recent position papers on Insights page.

Market Intelligence

Asia Pacific Executive Brief

The Asia Brief provides a country-by-country update of 14 key markets, covering the latest developments, and key issues likely to shape the short-term business environment. The Asia Brief is an essential tool for executives requiring consistent and reliable assessments on political and economic developments across Asia. See below the latest regional overview.

Asia Demand Watch

The Asia Demand Watch monitors the latest demand and stress trends across the region. The focus of each release alternating between North Asia and Southeast Asia. A selection of charts with commentary and a summary table of key indicators per country imparts a concise and clear view as to the trends worth noting and their likely direction. See below one recent report.

Industry & Technology Intelligence

Please see the industry page for the latest.

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