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Intercedent Asia has been involved in numerous agribusiness projects in most Asian markets.

Over the years, Intercedent has developed a strong expertise in agribusiness, including the following areas:

1) Strategic market assessment, incorporating all elements of demand dynamics, competitive mapping and policy issues

2) Impact of the regulatory environment in market such as China on agribusiness opportunities including specific policy amendments

3) Advocacy for policy change in the field of agribusiness (though White Papers)

4) Farmer segmentation

5) Branding and marketing consulting in Asia Pacific markets

6) Pricing analysis

7) Product positioning and opportunity assessment

8) Market entry planning and support

Some project examples:

  • strategic market assessment of China fertilizer market

  • study on the market opportunity for a fertilizer in Malaysia

  • product acceptance and positioning: herbicide in Sichuan and Guangdong

  • brand matrix study in 10 provinces in China

  • assessment of the economic/commercial benefits of herbicide in Malaysia

  • the Market Potential for new herbicide product in China

  • segmenting China's new Mega Farmers

  • the post-WTO development of sales channels in China

  • strategic market assessment for a top 5 global agribusiness company in India including focus groups in five States

  • price positioning for smallholders in the China Market

  • copy test for an agribusiness company's new logo and ad campaign in China

  • strategic market assessment of the China Market for non-selective herbicides -10 Provinces

  • product positioning for insecticides in a SE Asia market

For more information and references, please contact Peter Baldwin for a copy of Intercedent's Agribusiness Consulting & Research Credentials Statement.

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