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Sustainability & Environmental Technology

Selected projects relating to environmental technology and consulting:

  • Atmospheric pollution abatement systems in India (2009). Intercedent Asia conducted a study on the atmospheric pollution abatement systems, primarily as being used in India’s coal-fired power plants. The aim was to understand the measures being implemented in India to contain emissions of fine particles, SO2 and NO2 through flu gas scrubbing, and the resulting market opportunities along the supply chain.

  • Global wind energy market opportunity assessment (2009). Intercedent interviewed the 12 largest wind turbine OEMs in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America as well as the leading systems and component manufacturers and design institutes and engineering consultants. The aim was to understand market opportunity in motion control (pitch and yaw control systems) as well as preventive maintenance technologies.

  • Energy conservation technologies: Plastics, Diecasting and Metal forming Machinery (2009). A global technology report.

  • Corporate response to global warming among Asia Pacific’s largest polluters (2008). The research aimed to gain an understanding of the perceptions of businesses to climate change. Key issues covered included: the level of corporate concern about climate change; perceived corporate risks / opportunities from climate change; current practices (e.g. reducing energy use, using green energy, measuring/managing the carbon footprint, green travel planning, working with climate advisors); sources of information on climate change and corporate requirements for support in tackling climate change.

  • Implications of fine ash formation through coal combustion (2007). Intercedent produced a detailed report on fine ash formation during pulverized coal combustion for a Japanese technology provider.

  • Report on the Implementation of Cross-Cutting Issue of Sustainable Development for APEC (2006).

  • Compilation of English language Pollutant Release and Transfer (PRTR) register (Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry)

  • Market opportunity assessment for organic fertilizer in Malaysia (1999). Market entry consulting for a US-based manufacturer across a number of non-agricultural applications in Malaysia (e.g. golf clubs, commercial landscaping).

For more information and references, please contact Peter Baldwin for a copy of Intercedent’s Environmental Technology Consulting & Research Credentials Statement.

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